Trusted relief in neck and shoulder pain
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    The Spondin legacy is more than just a neck pain reliever. It’s about creating trust of homoeopathic doctors for more than 3 decades & treating millions of patients successfully

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    Most endorsed brand for Neck & Shoulder Pain


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    Cervical Spondylosis

    Repetitive activities of everyday life can take a toll on our neck leading to poor body mechanics which tightens neck muscles & causes neck pain.
    If neck pain left untreated and wear & tear of spinal disk continuous it may lead to Cervical Spondylosis, surrounding Neck & Shoulder.
    Spinal disk may also wear down with age and sometimes due to certain trauma or injury.
    A natural, safe & reliable formula is required to manage neck pain or the symptoms of cervical spondylosis

    • Slouching on the smart phones

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    • Working for long periods on computers

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    • Wrong sleeping postures

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    • Continuous wear & tear of spinal disk or cervical vertebrae leads to Cervical Spondylosis, surrounding Neck & Shoulder.

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    Natural, Clinically Tested & most trusted relief from Neck & Shoulder Pain

    1. Spondin is clinically tested fortified with the power of 7 natural ingredients that offer quick, safe & long-lasting effective relief.
    2. Eases the discomfort and stiffness arising due to spondylitis thereby allowing free movement of your arms, neck & shoulders.
    3. SPONDIN contains flavonoids that help in reducing the inflammation
    4. Increases antioxidants & thereby reducing the pain in the affected regions.
    Science with
    Clinically Tested Efficacy


    • ico-why-choose
      Colocynthis vulgaris 3X
      Reduces vertigo & headache associated with Cervical Spondylosis
    • ico-why-choose
      Rutagraveolens 3X
      Work on Joint pain of back shoulder & arms
    • ico-why-choose
      Hypericum perforatum 5X
      Relaxes nerve compression, inflammation & pain in the nape of neck radiating from arms
    • ico-why-choose
      Ledumpalustre 2X
      Reduces painful stiffness of back due to static posture & pain due to cold weather
    • ico-why-choose
      Cuprum metallicum 6X
      Reduces twitching of muscles from back to neck
    • ico-why-choose
      Dulcamara 3x
      Relieves pain due to shooting contractions in the shoulders
    • ico-why-choose
      Conium maculatum 3X
      Reduces tension, stiffness & pain in the nape of neck

    Why SPONDIN?

    How to use Spondin?

    • dosing


      Take 10-15 drops in half cup of lukewarm water thrice a day or as directed by your Doctor In Children 5 to 7 drops in lukewarm water thrice a day
    • pregnancy

      Pregnancy & Lactation

      Throughout the gestation period in pregnancy & during breast feeding Spondin is extremely safe & can be taken as directed by your Doctor
    • contradictions

      Contraindications & Warnings

      There have been no observed Drug interactions & contraindications. Spondin is extremely safe to consume & is also Non habit forming Store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight. Use under medical supervision Do not exceed the recommended dosage


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        Within a short time it gave me great results.